Brian Gardner: 1986 Commonwealth Games, Jon Solly and Liz Lynch (later McColgan)

My great sporting memory is a tale of two ten thousands at the 1986 Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh. My Newbury AC club mate, Jon Solly won the men's race. It was strange to return all the way back home to Scotland and cheer a friend from my 'adopted' home town to gold. The civic reception at Newbury was also memorable and inspired the young athletes I was coaching at the time.

During the women's race I was sitting close to an England team coach with a Scots accent, who remarked: "The more this race goes on, the more I think that Liz Lynch is going to win a medal... I think Liz Lynch could win this..." I found out later that the voice belonged to none other than Jon Anderson. Liz, of course, won the race, Jon Anderson became her coach and the rest is history...

Brian Gardner

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